Jamaica Rum Festival

David Morrison


Being the Senior Blender as well as Director of Quality and Compliance at J. Wray and Nephew Limited entails many duties. But where others might see hard work and pressure, David Morrison sees himself becoming more deeply involved in a process that speaks to who he is as a chemist.


“My role involves making sure we are always on top of the quality of our products. This encompasses everything from developing new products to ensuring all products are being produced in the right way.”


This part of the job requires one to be especially meticulous as the process of rum-making is one that demands patience.


“We do evaluations on the marques in the barrels to determine the components in our blend. We also figure out the characteristics of different blends that people love; sometimes to create new blends but most times to ensure that people continue to love the blends that they have grown accustomed to over the years.”


For the Senior Blender this process is a personal one: “What I love most about this process is that I get to be creative. To me, the final product represents who you are as so much of yourself has to be poured into the process every step of the way. Basically, giving yourself to this process is what I love most about my job.”


Being a Senior Blender brings on many expectations for his work, but Morrison says these expectations spill over into his personal life as well: “You know, when people hear you’re the Senior Blender, they expect you to be able to serve up a magnificent cocktail. I have been sent into bars regularly for that purpose. I like doing this for friends and family; it’s to the point where I actually built a bar in my house.”


Dubbed “DJ Blender” by close friends, Morrison also loves entertaining loved ones by flexing his skills on the turntable. This creates a sort of balance between work and leisure.


“My skills on the turntable are definitely developing. I find that music is a great way to destress. I can see myself doing more of this on the side in the future; not necessarily for money or anything. It’s just one of those things that broadens my horizons.”

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