Jamaica Rum Festival



One need not be a rum enthusiast to know to some extent the impact Jamaican rum has had on the world. Even casual drinkers are well aware of the ‘Jamaican funk’, a term used to describe the spirit unique to our little island in the sun. That funk is a result of the

process Jamaican rum undergoes which gives it qualities that create an obvious distinction to rums produced by other Caribbean Islands and countries around the globe.


The unique and natural conditions under which rum is produced in Jamaica has earned the island the reputation for creating arguably the best rum known to man.


It should come as no surprise that spirit giants such as Appleton Estate through its Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience attracts thousands of visitors each year, eager to tour the historic estate and delve deeper into the magic behind this piece of Jamaica’s magnificent history. Depending on when you go, you may get the chance to meet the world’s first female Master Blender in the global spirits industry, our very own Joy Spence who the tour is named for. She is the chemist and artist behind the Appleton Estate Reserve Blend, Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Old and a number of limited edition releases and one-of-a-kind blends gifted to a select few over the span of her career.


Given these unique traits, it should also come as no surprise that rum is now being developed into an official tourism product. The reason is clear. Similar to the bounce and groove of the reggae rhythm that has entranced the world, Jamaican rum has awakened the palates and hearts of rum enthusiasts and casual drinkers on a global scale.


This product of Jamaica is so much a part of our cultural DNA that there are brands such as Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum that are spread across all facets of everyday Jamaican life. In essence, if one is seeking to dig deeper into the cultural identity of the Jamaican people and come away with a clear idea of what it is to bask in the true Jamaican experience, our rum is a good place to start, representing the heart and soul of a storied history.


The Jamaica Rum Festival is one way in which rum is being officiated as a tourism product of Jamaica. It is an event punctuated with seminars and other engaging activities to help patrons indulge in the full history of Jamaican rum; how it is made and the ways best to enjoy it. The event also showcases some of the island’s biggest musical talents, making it a melting pot of all the spicy, wholesome ingredients for a complete immersion for locals and visitors in search of an authentically Jamaican experience.


Judging by our rich history made all the more potent by the spirits that reflect the resilience of our people, it is safe to say, Jamaican rum will continue to impact the world.

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