Jamaica Rum Festival

Rum Education


The Jamaica Rum Festival has become a global platform in celebration of Rum Country, toasting to the spirit that is indelibly ingrained in Jamaican life. In every glass of Jamaican rum, there is a wealth of history shaped by our predecessors with every drop being of unmistakable quality. Our country enjoys an enviable reputation in the world of rums, renowned for the ‘funk’ that is a result of the geographical indicators which make them inimitable.




Our Virtual Rum Heritage video sets the tone for the Jamaica Rum Festival, spanning the over 270+ year history of Jamaican rum. Those who tune in will learn about the production and manufacture of our rums, the evolution of the industry and how it has become interwoven into the fabric of everyday life in Jamaica. The Rum Heritage Video is sure to give rum lovers and those new to the world of rum, a deeper appreciation of its storied history and the journey from cane to cocktail.

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